Evan Flying

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Remembering Evan

Evan Miller was my friend and fellow serviceman. We were flight mates in Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance Air Force Base. As Officers we aspired to be pilots, we studied together often, and we flew together frequently. I also spent a good amount of time with Evan outside of Pilot training. I welcomed Evan into my home, and he was kind and genuine to my family. Essentially Evan cared about who I was and what I did, and this made him my close friend.

I have only known Evan for several months, yet he made a mark on my life. Evan made the experience of Pilot Training so much easier to deal with. He had the remarkable ability of cracking jokes with some sort of careless perfection, he knew when I needed to laugh, and in doing so his quick wit and sarcasm served to alleviate the stresses of pilot training. My demeanor was often a product of Evan’s sense of humor, when I was defeated by the rigors of Pilot training Evan would use his perfect sarcasm and wit to get me back on my feet and for this I am extremely grateful.

Evan I am extremely thankful for your friendship and it was an honor to train with you. I would have gone to war with you my friend. Fearless Evan Miller….unafraid to master the sea, the skies and everything in between….Rest in Peace Brother.

Your Friend


Please share any pictures or stories about Evan here.

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